push up silicone, corset boning steel


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Women Underwear Latex

262db. Shaping tops. Bodysuit shaper material: Ss1035. Hooded. Slimming underwear ,shaping, gather ,postpartum recovery belt. Fitness sport sweat sweat sauna hot thermal waist trainer belt cincher. Burgundy. 10046430. Wrinkles prevention and breast support bra. 36 g. 36,38,40,42,44,46. Glamour bustiers & corsets with lace edge. Red bralette. Panties shaping. Slimming top fit for group:High quality zipper covering hooks. Front closure bra. 

Wholesale G-Strings, Thongs & Tangas:

Style   3: Wholesale panties  silk. Sp17060305. Mens medieval. Tg-030. No rims french style bra. Woman punk. 16017,16016,16104. Waist cincher/sport waist cincher. Latex waist cincher: Thinkthendo. 

Bra Solid Color

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In The Wheel Of Time Tidbits you can find interesting but less known or long forgotten facts and tidbits for your favourite fantasy series The Wheel Of Time. Also you can find WOT related humour, artwork and fun.
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Aug 19 '18

Lan Mandragoran would make the best nihilist memes tho


Aug 19 '18
Aug 19 '18

Wheel of Time thoughts pt. 3 (final)


Part 1, Part 2

Book 11, Knife of Dreams: 

Jordan: So you think I can’t write romance huh
Me, tied to a chair: please-
Jordan, merciless: Well how about this! How about lovers drawn together by prophecy, learning and being impressed by each other, protecting each other, being bound up in weird courtship rituals- 
Me, struggling wildly: you won’t break me! you won’t-
Jordan: Being on opposite sides of a conflict and knowing they might have to face each other acros s a battlefield-
Me, sobbing: it’s still terrible romance! it’s still unhealthy and makes no sense-
Jordan: Fox and raven imagery and accidental acquisition of royal titles.
Me, spitting out blood: alright I give! I like the pairing! I like it! 

4/5 stars

Book 12, The Gathering Storm: Everything Happens So Much and it is absolutely marvellous. The best ending to a book in the series so far. 5/5 stars

Book 13, Towers of Midnight: After doing essentially nothing for like a full quarter of the series, Perrin decides to be plot relevant and it is pretty cool, actually. 3.9/5 stars

Book 14, A Memory of Light: On Repeat. 5/5 stars

That Mat/Tuon ship is 5/5 stars! :D <3

Aug 18 '18



The Wheel of Time turns, ages come and pass quicker than it takes me to watch this goDAMN EPISODE FUCK YOU SHITTY INTERNET STOP BUFFERING

our fandom is so underrated. we’re obviously the best.

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Aug 18 '18
Aug 17 '18
“ Thom Merrilin and Elayne - WoT by Myed89
Elayne with Thom when she was a child


Thom Merrilin and Elayne - WoT by Myed89

Elayne with Thom when she was a child

Aug 17 '18
Aug 16 '18


Today is my day off but they needed something from my computer so my boss called to ask me for my password and this is how I ended up having a ten minutes long phone call explaining who/what is a DragonReborn321.

Aug 16 '18


Minimal portraits of a few of my favourite female channellers from The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. 

Aug 16 '18
Aug 15 '18
Aug 15 '18
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Aug 14 '18
Aug 14 '18

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WOT sleeve tattoo by  redoceantattoo

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